When visiting us, you should expect nothing but the absolute best and if you ever have any suggestions, they are welcomed. We value your constructive feedback!

When you first come to YOUR Accident Center, You will be greeted by our friendly, bilingual and knowledgeable receptionist. You will receive intake forms (English) | intake forms (Spanish) to fill out if you have not previously done so. Plan to arrive at least 15 min before your scheduled appointment so we can better serve you! Please also bring a photo ID and your insurance information, claim number, etc

We strive to keep our office clean and welcoming. Our aim is to offer you a calm and relaxing environment so you can feel comfortable and right at home. We believe your time is valuable and guarantee short wait times to ensure that time spent in our offices is time spent healing.
Shortly after you will be seen by one of our Chiropractic Physicians who will provide a thorough Chiropractic, neurologic, and orthopedic examination. Although in some cases the Doctor may provide treatment on this first day, it is usually recommended to wait until further evaluation is done through imaging (X-ray, MRI, etc). Plan for 1hr at our office.

On your second visit, the Dr will sit with you through a report of findings. They will review your exam findings and suggest a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Treatments in our offices usually involve co-managing the patient for optimal results with our in house Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist. The frequency, modalities and length of your treatment will vary based on your case. Plan for 30-45 min at our office

Visits going forward are usually brief. We value your time and make each visit as efficient as possible for you. It is important that you follow the recommendations given by our Doctors for your prompt recovery.

If you have any questions regarding your first visit, contact us today.